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Fat Burning Furnace – By Robert Poulos

Fat Burning Furnace

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If losing fat or losing weight in general is your main all around focus, then we have the perfect product for you – Fat Burning Furnace by Robert Poulos. We were actually a little hesitant when we bought this product and went in to review it because it kind of looks unprofessional with the cartoon characters on the main web site and it says you can spend as little as 45 minutes a week on this program.  But let us assure you that there is nothing unprofessional about this product once you get on the inside, and it works as one of our test subjects lost 14 pounds in a month with only 2 hours a week.

They don’t have tons and tons of different section like No Nonsense Muscle Building does, which is our top muscle building program, but the information they do have is fabulous for fat burning and weight loss – and the information in Fat Burning Furnace is really all you need in order to burn fat and lose weight.  We put a test subject of ours to work under the Fat Burning Furnace program (as we mentioned above), and she lost 14 pounds in a month, which came out to 3 1\2 pounds lost a week.  This is definitely a nice healthy amount of weight to lose.

We have found this to be the perfect fat burning and weight loss program because anything more than 3 1\2 pounds of weight loss a month would be approaching unhealthy, and anything less would obviously be less effective.

Who Is Fat Burning Furnace For?

Fat Burning Furnace

Fat Burning Furnace

So who exactly is Robert Poulos’ Fat Burning Furnace for?  It’s for anyone, man or woman, that is looking at fat burning and weight loss as their main overall goal. If you are looking to build huge muscles or get all ripped up, this is not the program for you – try out No Nonsense Muscle Building for that.  The Fat Burning Furnace program is strictly for those men and women who are looking to slim down!

If you are a busy person this is also a great program to follow.  A lot of the programs out there that claim you can put little to no time into working out out are complete trash, but we were pretty surprised to see the effectiveness of this program.  The concept made sense once we went through all the content and saw the program schedule, but it definitely worked much better than we had anticipated.

The combination of the amount of weight loss potential, the effectiveness, and the little amount of time that you have to invest into this program is why this is the best program for fat burning and weight loss that we have bought and tested out of all of the top rated products on the internet.

Inside The Fat Burning Furnace Members Area

As I mentioned before, there is not a ton of different information within the Fat Burning Furnace members area, but when it comes to losing weight you don’t really need a bunch of different information. What you really need is effective information, effective workouts, and effective diets and meal plans. And that is exactly what Fat Burning Furnace provides on the inside of their members area, along with some nice tools to help you with your progress.  Lets start with the main product:

fatburningfurnace3 The Fat Burning Furnace Workout Logs & Progress Tracker

This is a group of log sheets that enables you to log all of your workouts and track your progress.  Not only does it allow you to track your overall progress, but it allows you to track your progress with each body part.  There are separate workout logs for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

fatburningfurnace3 The Metabolic Rate Calculator

This is a tool that obviously calculates your metabolic rate.  To be more specific, you enter in your sex, height, weight, age, and activity level.  You then press the calculate your metabolic rate button and you will get back the estimated number of calories that you consumed per day for body maintenance and for body fat loss.  A really cool tool that shows you how your hard work is paying off – it’s nice to see the numbers in action.

fatburningfurnace3 The Body Fat Percentage Analyzer

This again is another really awesome tool that calculates your body fat percentage.  Body fat percentage is the amount of your body that is made up of fat.  So if you have a 25% body fat percentage, your body is made up of 25% fat.

For this tool you again enter in some data: your sex, height, waist (in inches), hips (in inches), and neck (in inches).  It will then give you your estimated body fat percentage.  It is pretty darn accurate, because some of us here at FatBurningAndMuscleBuilding.com gave it a try and it was no more than 2% off in any of our tests.

fatburningfurnace3 The Zero To Hero Of Fitness Support Forum

This is a forum where you can come together with the other Fat Burning Furnace members and discuss whatever you please.  Whether it be the FBF program, certain aspects of the program, other diets and workouts, questions you may have, comments or recommendations you may have, general life discussion, or any other kind of support, questions or communication you are looking for can be found at the forum.

fatburningfurnace3 The Fat Burning Furnace Blueprint

This is the central nervous system for the whole Fat Burning Furnace system.  This book contains all of the essential information that brings together the whole program.  This is where you find all of your information and instruction on how to quickly, yet safely start losing weight immediately.  Lets go into what exactly is in the 162 page Ebook:

Fat Burning Furnace

Fat Burning Furnace

fatburningfurnace3 Chapter 1: What Makes Your Furnace Tick

– In pursuit of a better body

– Mass confusion: Fitness industry insanity

– Benefit from my mistakes

– Get real

– The skinny on your body

– Total fat loss & fitness for a life time

– The power of knowledge and habits

fatburningfurnace3 Chapter 2: Creating The Spark

– Muscle magic

– But I don’t want to look like Arnold Whatshisname

– Why shouldn’t we be “sweatin” on the treadmill?

– The 15 minute miracle: High intensity fat loss solution

– The big exercise secret

– 3 principles to effective strength training

* Principle 1: Intensity

* Principle 2: Volume & frequency

* Principle 3: Progression

– Reps, sets, and exercises: Oh my

* How many reps?

* How many sets?

* Total body workouts

* Exercise selection

* Free weights vs machines

* You take my breath away

* No stretching or warmup necessary

* The best exercises to live by

* Tools of the trade

* At the gym or fitness center

* At home

* No equipment at all

– Fat Burning Furnace routines: Putting it all together

* Beginner’s break in routine

* Beginner level routine

* Intermediate level routine

* Advanced level routine

* Beyond the first 12 weeks: Listen to your body

* FBF bodyweight routine and exercises

* Additional HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercise

* It’s ok if you enjoy long walks on the beach

– 11 secrets of proper exercises

fatburningfurnace3 Chapter 3: Fueling Your Fat Burning Furnace

– Why “diets” don’t work

– The calorie reality & micronutrient miracle

* The big nutrition secret

– Get a handle on your RMR

– Nutrient rich foods

* The truth about carbohydrates

* The (animal) protein obsession

* The plants vs the animals

* Thermogenesis with plant proteins

* Fats

* Fruits and veggies

– Organics, glycemic index, and PH

– The magic of water

– Be a grazer – mini meals

* The two most important meals

* Cooking and food preperation

* Nutrient ratios

* Meal & snack creation – use portions

* Sample daily meal\snack plan

* Recipe ideas

– Treats, sodium, and alcohol

* My favorite healthy treat

* The word on sodium

* Fat loss: One last call for alcohol

– Supplements: A helping hand

* Meal replacement powder\bars

* Multivitamin\mineral

– 11 secrets of proper nutrition

fatburningfurnace3 Chapter 4: Maximizing Your Furnace

– Mirror mirror on the wall

– You’re getting sleepy

* Seven and a half hours to a lean body

– Squash stress out of your life

– Think and burn fat

* Put the law of attraction into action

* The 5 minute super stress buster

– FBF for seniors: How to slow down and almost reverse the aging process, and live

– Leaner & stronger, longer

fatburningfurnace3 Chapter 5: My Promise To You

As you can see, the Fat Burning Furnace Ebook covers a wide variety of topics.  It covers all of the information that you need to know how to properly workout, properly diet, and it gives you the motivation and support to get yourself going.  They even show pictures within the e-book to show you how to do everything which is a big plus.

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