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Welcome to!  The point of this site is to give you the most effective fat-burning diets, fat-burning programs, muscle-building meal plans, and muscle-building workouts!  We have done extensive reviews of the top fat burning and muscle building programs and websites on the internet and are giving you very in-depth reviews of what the top programs out there really are.

The Difference Between Us And Them…

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So what is the difference between us and them?  Them being the other sites out there that claim to have truthful reviews on fat loss and muscle-building programs on the internet.  We actually BUY and TEST each of the programs we review and recommend. And to prove this we have screenshots, pictures, and even videos of purchases, e-books, fat calculating tools, and the insides of the memberships we recommend.

Who Are We To Tell YOU What Is Right?

Who exactly are the people behind  We are a team of personal trainers and college graduates with associates and bachelor’s degrees in health, fitness, and nutrition majors. Simply put, we know what works and we know what does not work as far as fat burning and muscle building programs on the internet.  We have taken the time to purchase go through over 25 of the “top” fat burning and muscle building programs on the internet and have put together extensive reviews of the best of the best on the internet.

Most of the other websites out there that review fat-burning programs and muscle-building programs, or really any product in general, have no idea what they are talking about. Not only do they have no expertise in the area they are covering, but they have not even bought the product(s) that they are recommending to you. Don’t be fooled by lackluster reviews, and make sure that any time you are researching something that the site you are on provides proof that they have even purchased the program they are reviewing.

What Can I Expect?

As we mentioned before, you can expect to find the best fat-burning and muscle-building programs on the internet. We will give you a total breakdown of the top fat-burning and muscle-building programs on the internet.  Here is some of the information that we will provide for you:

1) Proof that we have bought each product with a proof of receipt, and the screenshots, pictures, and videos that we give you on everything you get with your fat-burning or muscle-building program.

2) Table of contents for any e-books that are included with your purchase so that you know exactly what’s in the e-books that are included.  Also how many pages are in each book.

3) Outlines of any video tutorials included within the membership of the fat-burning or muscle-building program of your choice.

4) Videos of the insides of the membership.

5) Videos and pictures of any tools included with the specific fat burning or muscle building program such as body fat calculators, meal plan designs, and metabolic calculators.

6) The best product for exactly what you are looking to achieve.  Whether you are looking to just lose fat, just build muscle, build muscle and lose fat, build lean muscle, build bulky muscle, man or woman – we will give you the perfect program for what you are trying to achieve, along with picture and video proof to back everything up.

7) Email support for any questions you may have.  Just shoot us an e-mail and let us know what you need to know and we will get back to you pretty much immediately.

As you can see we are not the normal website that you come across.  You know – those sites that say “you should buy this product because it’s awesome, here’s how”!  No, you will not find any of that here.

What you will find here is what we found to be the best fat-burning and muscle-building programs on the internet. We are not going to force-feed you anything, and we are not going to push anything on you.

You are obviously here for a reason and we respect that, we really do.  A healthy body is and mind is very important, and reaching your health and body image goals are extremely important for both physical and emotional health.  Feeling the way you want to feel and looking the way you want to look can really do miracles for you.

That is why we will simply list what we have found to be the best option for your health goals.  We will back up our opinions with tons of screenshots, pictures, insider videos, and facts about each of these top fat-burning and muscle-building programs. We know that the programs that we have listed for each specific goal – anywhere from just wanting to burn fat to just wanting to build muscle – will be the most effective program to help you achieve your goals the quickest. As long as you actually follow the programs that are!

Seriously, if you are looking for a magic solution to achieve your health goals, you are in the wrong place. Because there is no healthy way to magically achieve your health goals. It’s going to take some work and discipline on your part.

We have done the hard work and spent the big money on extensively reviewing the “top” fat burning and muscle building programs so that you can be sure that the program you are investing your time into will actually work.  But please don’t think for a second that any of these fat-burning and muscle-building programs are a quick fix or a magical wand.  That’s not the way it works!

If you are not willing to put in the work and stay somewhat disciplined, then please do not even waste your money. None of these programs are magical and we would never claim them to be because there is no such thing.

So if you want to perfectly fit into that bikini ladies or show off those six-pack abs and guns men then be prepared to do some work. We guarantee you that if you just put in some work and stay a little disciplined that these really are the most effective fat-burning and muscle-building programs on the internet!

We know because we have spent thousands of dollars on the “top” programs out there and we know which programs are the Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s of the internet fat burning and muscle building programs.

So if you just promise us just a little bit of work and discipline, we promise you that the programs we are reviewing are the most effective programs on the internet and even some of the most effective fat-burning and muscle-building programs in general.

Anadrol – Effective, Safe and Amazing

What looks like steroids, works like steroids but has none of the side effects of steroids? Anadrol A-DROL Elite Series is the answer, it is the ultimate formula you need if you want to build up lean muscle mass really fast. Body building is an extreme sport and demands total commitment. The truth is that only workouts are not enough to stack up pure muscle. At some point every body builder needs help through supplements.

The use of steroids is popular in the body building circle and some of the steroids are even legal. If taken in a controlled manner they can actually be very helpful. The problem starts when body builders start abusing the steroids. That is a totally different issue but abused or not, steroids have some side effects. Also it is actually pretty hard to find legal steroids in the market.

On the other hand Anadrol is completely side effect free. Seems a little hard to believe but Anadrol can actually help you build amazing lean muscle mass within the first cycle and none of the users have reported any side effects that are associated with this anabolic steroid.

What is Anadrol?

CrazyMass, the manufacturers of Anadrol develop anabolic supplements that perform all the functions of steroids but are not actually steroids hence they do all the good work but minus the side effects.

Anadrol mimics the actions of Oxymetholone. Oxymetholone is the best strength booster and bulking agent but like any other steroid, it has its side effects. While Anadrolby Crazy Mass does all the good work of Oxymetholone it completely skips the negative side effects.

Benefits of Taking Anadrol

Anadrol A-Droll Elite series has amazing benefits. In simplest terms it will do everything to your body that Oxymetholone does without producing any long term or short term side effects.

Body builders work long and really hard to get the body they desire. Be it professional body builders or someone who wants a smoking hot body, the road to the dream physique is often filled with disappointments which lead to low motivation level.

Many body builders have experienced that if they up their diet in order to gain muscle mass they end up only gaining fat. Losing that fat again means more workouts. This all leads to a lot of effort and stress to the body without gaining any lean muscle mass.

This is the point when most body builders start looking for supplements and aids. Some resort to taking illegal steroids also which is both criminal and dangerous. Many have to take a combination of supplements to get the desired results.

Anadrol alone is powerful enough to do the job. Taking Anadrol means stacking muscle mass in days rather than months. It is a superb energy booster and you will literally feel like a machine. You will gain 15-20 lb of lean muscle mass within the first cycle. Note that you will be on Anadrol for 2 months in the first cycle before getting off.

Gaining that much lean muscle mass in two months is pretty amazing. You will feel more energy and stay motivated and focused when you see results. Anadrol even promotes faster recovery and healing in muscles. So with improved stamina and no delays due to injuries you can work out steadily and gain the muscle mass you want in an ideal time.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the kidney and liver damage that is associated with the use of Oxymetholone. Anadrol does not cause liver toxicity at all neither does it cause any short term or long term damage to the kidneys. Other side effects of Oxymetholone like high blood pressure, acne, skin problems etc are also unheard of in Anadrol users.

How Does Anadrol Work?

Anadrol basically promotes the production of red blood cells in the body significantly. As you know red blood cells are the carriers of oxygen, with an increased quantity of these oxygen carriers, more oxygen is carried out to the muscles and rich oxygen supply equates to rapid muscle growth.

It also helps in better and increased retention of nitrogen. Anadrol is actually a combination of very potent testosterone boosting active ingredients. These ingredients help in boosting stamina, nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, speedy recovery, lean muscle mass build up and massive pumps.

You can achieve all this by just taking 50 mg Anadrol pills. That’s right, no messy needles at all. Just gulp down the pill before your work out and see the wonders. The best part is that you don’t need a prescription for Anadrol. You can buy Anadrol anytime you want to without a prescription.

Anadrol is sometimes prescribed to anemic people since it promotes the production of red blood cells.

Buying Anadrol Online

You can buy Anadrol by Crazy Mass online from the comfort of your home.Placing order is easy and the billing process is safe and reliable. The delivery is discreet and if due to any reason you want to keep it a secret, you don’t have to worry about a package arriving at your doorstep labeled “Anadrol”.

The Price of Anadrol is actually very reasonable and every penny spent on it is actually worth it. Body builders sometimes do stack Anadrol with other supplements. Though Anadrol is sufficient without combining it with other supplements, yet for more drastic results it can be done.

So the bottom line is that Anadrol results are amazing and Anadrol side effects do not exist. You don’t need a prescription to buy it and you can buy it online at a very reasonable cost. You will see quick and positive results and you can use Anadrol for as long as you want to. In just two months time you will be showing off your massive pumps and amazing body.

The good thing is that you will actually be feeling healthier and this will keep you motivated and help you achieve your targets easily.

Anadrolone Elite – Buy Legal Anadrol

Anadrolone is CrazyMass’s alternative to the popular but illegal oral synthetic anabolic steroid known as Oxymetholone, or Anadrol. ‘Bulking and Strength Agent’ is the tagline of Anadrolone, so the intended benefits are obviously intended to mirror those of the banned steroid in some way.

Oxymetholone is known for being a powerful kickstarter to a bulking cycle, often only used for a few weeks until the other injectable steroids the bodybuilder has taken start working. Actually, it can only be used for a few weeks because it causes quite potent negative side effects that cannot be endured by the human body for lengthy periods. To just emphasize this point, Oxymetholone/Anadrol is possibly the most damaging of all the anabolic steroids, specifically to the liver.

By formulating Anadrolone, CrazyMass have attempted to offer users a product which will help them achieve much better results in muscle and strength gains – much like the steroid does – but at the same time remove the health risks that Oxymetholone presents.

Anadrolone is available to buy directly and only from the Crazymass website. It is available to buy either as an individual product or part of a package deal

For best value there is a buy 2 and get the 3rd for free. This offer is available in all countries including the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia

Anadrol vs Anadrolone

So, what’s the big difference, you might ask.

Steroids are basically manufactured compounds, derived from the ring structure of the original anabolic hormone – Testosterone. The variations in their structure is what gives them their variations of behaviour. Also, they generally come in two different forms – oral and oil-based injectable (though there are aqueous solutions too) which in turn exhibit different effects; the main one being the speed at which they start working.

Anadrol is mainly used in oral pill form because oral steroids work a lot faster than injectables, and bodybuilders like to take advantage of the rapid mass-building effects of it while they wait for the injectables to work. It cannot be used for more than a few weeks as it is highly toxic to the liver.

Amongst other negatives, Anadrol suppresses the user’s natural production of testosterone which leads to the problem of shrinking testicles. There are many more deleterious side effects: headaches, bloating from water retention, high blood pressure, and all of these need to be tended to quite seriously through a course of post-cycle therapy (PCTs) drugs.

Anadrolone from CrazyMass is not of the liver toxic, health wrecking persuasion. In fact, the ingredients in this product are included in order to stimulate anabolism (muscle growth) through the body’s natural systems rather than suppress them and take over like the steroid does.

Our own system is already there waiting to be kicked into another gear.

Benefits of Using Anadrolone

As this is one of the top sellers in the CrazyMass collection, the company is fairly confident about the positive effects it can have on the user:

  • Vasodilation effects or ‘the pump’ – presumably there are nitric-oxide precursors in the blend to cause this.
  • Higher rate of protein synthesis – this will speed recovery and muscle growth
  • Better nitrogen retention – a sign of an anabolic environment in the body
  • Increased Red Blood Cell volume – thereby increasing oxygen transport to the muscles and delaying fatigue/increasing power
    Legal – that’s one up on the steroid
    Safe – that’s two
    NOTE: A big benefit of using all the CrazyMass products is that they can be used for long cycles without too much of a break in between, which leaves more time for the effects to be experienced.

Usage Directions

ONE capsule of Anadrolone should be taken TWICE a day, every day. The dose should be taken 30 – 45 minutes before you begin working out on training days.

CrazyMass also suggest using it for 2 months before taking a 1.5 week break, and then repeating the cycle again.

Any Potential Side Effects?

As we’ve mentioned, one of the the main points of painstakingly manufacturing steroid alternatives like Anadrolone is to remove the risk of side effects that steroids cause. There should be no ill effects from using this product.

Before using any training supplements, however, people with medical conditions, anyone currently on medication, and pregnant or breastfeeding women should check with their Doctor.

How Do You Recommend Using Anadrolone?

You should use this product as a part of any weight training program you are on, whether you are trying to increase size or strength, or both. If you are trying to bulk up (if you are a hard-gainer for example) then you need to raise your calorie intake and focus more on hypertrophic workouts and the Anadrolone will enhance the results.

It can also be stacked with virtually any combination of the other CrazyMass supplements. They recommend you to take Anadrolone with D-KA (Deca Durabolin alternative), Dianobal (Methandrostenolone alternative) and Tren-Bal, which is their Trenbolone substitute.

Weight Loss Pills: Looking Inside Diet Supplements

There really is but only one reason why the diet and weight loss business is as big as it is today and all you have to do is take a walk around where you live to know what is. It’s a fact and that is that folks in general, both young and old, are lugging around far more extra pounds than they used to just a decade back. People are getting fatter sooner, and staying fat longer.

For single folks, those extra pounds can be a real date killer. Nights spent alone or out with “friends” could have been far better spent out and about on dates with other attractive single people. Now the real tragedy is young, single, overweight people because those extra pounds are literally robbing them of so many youthful memories that just won’t be.

However, today as the result of new discoveries and developments in the diet supplement industry, people who are serious about weight loss diets, have an easier job of it. New pills powders, and potions that in many cases really can burn fat. What’s more, is that almost all of the newest developments revolve around non-prescription diet aids. Products you can simply order online.

The first thing you should want from any diet supplement is appetite suppression. Now be aware that most fat burners that do effectively cut your food cravings also have the effect of a stimulant. That is that whatever it is that’s killing your appetite will also give you an energy boost, and this can come with side effects. Dry mouth, occasional irritability, sweating, etc.

No. 2 on your list should be a metabolism booster. Active ingredients that in fact get your body burning more calories which in turn speed up weight loss. Now there are a number of commonly used stimulants out there that work in the short term, but a truly effective metabolic enhancer will work substantially longer than 8 hours.

In the end, though, don’t lose track of the fact that you are doing it all to “look and feel better”, so long-term side effects are definitely something to look out for. Even (FDA-approved) prescription drugs in the past have turned up to have hidden long-term side effects, so make sure that you read up diet reviews and what other people are experiencing before you decide.

Study more about diet reviews or diet pill reviews, then visit to find the best advice on diet pills.

Muscle Building Diet Plan for Balanced Nutrition

Your chances of developing flat abs are quite meager if you don’t take in proper food and nutrients. A majority of individuals interested in abdominal workouts focus their entire attention on determining a personal workout strategy, but have no idea about the required protein or calorie intake. To build strong muscles, monitoring your diet is as important as implementing a training workout program. While emphasizing healthy eating, a muscle building diet plan has to meet a myriad of nourishment requirements.


For strong abdominal muscles, you must keep a check on your protein consumption. Enhancing your regular protein ingestion while developing a body fitness workout program may help to increase muscle growth. The human body constantly repairs and replaces its muscle protein so you need to maintain an appropriate protein balance in your body for this replacement process.


An improper diet is one of the main causes of a deficiency in the minerals in your body. You should consume a proper amount of calories during your workout sessions. Your calorie intake is supposed to be adequate to enable your body to develop strong and well-toned muscles.

Healthy Fats

Consuming a low fat diet does not necessarily imply that you’re having a good diet. Your body needs adequate amounts of good fats for a variety of reasons. Deficiency of healthy fats may compromise your sleep, cardiovascular functionality, healing duration, and raise your chances of excessive training. You must observe your fat ingestion to some level so that you can be certain about its efficiency.


Serving as important elements in muscle development, carbohydrates provide substantial energy to the body to maximize its performance. At the end of your flat abs workout sessions, your muscles severely try to repair and restore themselves. For this purpose, they require extra nutrients and energy. This is usually the time when carbohydrates greatly help your body to build muscles.

A muscle building diet plan is crucial in preventing early fatigue, temporary weakness, and the loss of focus. Flat ab workouts as well as any muscle building workout sessions expend a lot of energy and nutrients that are stored in the body. These must be replaced to maintain a balanced strength and stamina in order to reach your muscle building goals.

There’s a lot more that can be said about what to eat within a building muscle diet plan that can’t be written here.